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Hall of Fame : Our Veer Gaurav's Aspirant Team

I joined Veer Gaurav on 2019 after my retirement. In the beginning, I took it very lightly as a time-pass business. I wasn't serious at all. But, when people started visiting my store with their requirement, I understood the importance of the business. Now I manage most of my family expenses from this business. Thanks to Veer Gaurav for creating such an useful platform for people like us.
Nb Sub (Retd.) Nilesh Kumar
Zuarinagar, Sancoale, Goa
When I reached home after retirement, I was amazed with the respect I got from my family, neighbors and relatives. But soon I felt that it's not enough to complete the needs of my family and our old age requirements. I contacted Veer Gaurav and they helped me every way starting a business with all types of digital services. Thanks for starting such a service dedicated to ex-army personnel like us.
Hav (Retired) Suman Kundu
Kolkata, West Bengal
I retired on 2019 and very happy to associate myself with “Veer Gaurav” project. Vision and mission of the project inspires me and helps me a lot to establish myself again in my carrier. It provides me support to stand beside my family. I invite all my ex-colleagues to join this project and make it successful. By taking the advantages of this project you can also make yourself fit to live with your head held high in the society.
Hav (Retired) Sakti Pada Maity
Garia, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal
After retirement on March 2019, I suddenly understood that it is going to be very tough time ahead with a mere pension. I looked for several jobs, but couldn't succeed . Finally I learned about Veer Gaurav and contact them. They helped me starting my digital service business and now I earn a handsome amount by starting a store at my ground floor.
Hav (Retd.) Bhoma Ram Ghorchiya
Aau Jodhpur, Rajasthan
I have been working under Veer Gaurav for more than 2 years and I am very happy to be a part of such a team that serves for people like us. At the starting phase, I joined them for an online course to develop some skill. But, later I learnt about their business plan and applied for their digital store business. Now I earn a good amount of money every month.
Naik (Retd.) Atish Gain
Sadpur, 24 Pargana North, West Bengal
I don't like staying idle and I always want to be financially independent. So, I joined Veer Gaurav. It keeps me active all the day among people, and I feel very glad to help people with several types of digital services. Obviously, I earn great from my digital store and I would recommend all ex-defense people to be a part of Veer Gaurav to enjoy endless features.
Hav (Retired) Mithilesh Kumar Verma
Bachhaipur, Ballia Uttar Pradesh
My child and I, both have completed course at Veer Gaurav and now I work as an SEO for several Indian clients. Being an ex-defense person, my clients trust me and loves to work with me. Thanks to Veer Gaurav for helping me building my profile in such a respectable industry.
Hav (Retired) Arindam Saha
Maslandapur Dist North 24 Parganas West Bengal
I was never prepared for my retirement and I was like a shock for me to become jobless suddenly. Though I had my pension, I was desperate to start some business to stay active. Finally I came to know about Veer Gaurav and now I spend most of my day time in my business. I am very happy with my business.
Hav (Retired) Parmar Balvantsinh Bayad
Aravalli, Gujarat
Within 4 months of my retirement, I started gaining weight and several physical complications started evolving. So, I joined Veer Gaurav to change my idle lifestyle. Now, I am active once again with a busy schedule. I earn good amount and also save some for our future. Everyone should joine Veer Gaurav.
Hav (Retired) Amit kumar Tiwari
Rishra, Hooghly, West Bengal

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