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Why Wait for Government Jobs?

Get Self-Employed & Earn with Dignity

Self-employment is a state of working where people work for oneself rather than an employee. It helps people to stand on their own feet independently. Project “Veer Gaurav” is also created to support ex-defense personnel of our country after their retirement by providing them self-employment.

Our soldiers dedicate a vital age of their life for the safety of our country and its people. After retirement, it becomes quite difficult for them to live a smooth life only depending on the pension amount. Some of them get other government jobs but it’s not become possible for everyone to crack the job competition because of the huge time gap due to their service period. Now it’s our turn to serve them. “Veer Gaurav” is for such ex-defense employees. It supports them to stand strong financially again by providing various services.

Easy Business Opportunities

We provide various kinds of business opportunities. Anyone can easily access the opportunities by investing a little amount of money.

End-to-End Support

For any type of queries and support, we provide direct support to our clients.

Easy & Highly Profitable

The services or business opportunities we provide are easy and highly profitable. Anyone can access the opportunities and can make good profit with small investments.

Wondering What to Do?

Check Services Provided by “Veer Gaurav”

To make the ex-defense personnel financially strong services provided by “Veer Gaurav” are listed here.

  • Banking services, customer services and many other services.
  • Training will be provided for handling portals of various services.
  • Infrastructure development support.
  • Other supports will be provided from opening to running a business.

In this competitive world, competition is everywhere. Starting any business and running it successfully is not easy. But, it will be little easier for an ex-defense person to run a business successfully over a civilian as they hold a reputation in the society and people respects them for their job background.

Qualities of Ex-Defense Personnel which help them run a business successfully

Because of these soldiers we can sleep peacefully in our homes. If we can serve them in their needs, it will be great opportunity for us. It’s our turn to help the veers of our country to lead a life proudly after retirement.

Still Have Queries?

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Veer Gaurav is a mission to empower the ex-defense personnel and their family. Read about Veer Gaurav to know more.

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