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Pension Guide

Worried Getting Your Pension Started?

Pension Assistance for both Retired & 'Shahids'

When an ex-defense person retired from his service, pension becomes one and only financial support for him and his family, if they do not have any other source of income.

Defense personnel get retired after completion of service period but, many were martyred while serving for the country. This situation is very difficult for the family of the martyred. It destructs them both emotionally and financially. Someone lost their father, someone lost their brother or someone lost her husband. In this difficult time, to overcome the financial crisis their families need the pension. In this time the families of the martyrs are not in a state of mind that they will apply for pension and some of them don’t even know the rules to apply for the pension. “Veer Gaurav” project guides both the retired defence personnel and family of the martyr to get the pension easily.   

Document Preparation Assistance

At the time of applying for pension, documentation needs to be done properly. So, to protect the retired defence personnel and family member of the martyrs from any kind of harassment during the pension process, we guide them for documentation.

Process Understanding Assistance

The whole process of pension may not be known to everyone, especially the family member of the martyr. So, we provide guide to them to make the pension process hassle free.

Banking Guidance

We provide banking guidance to the ex-defense personnel and family members of martyrs to receive the pension easily.

It's Not Complicated Anymore

Know How “Veer Gaurav” helps to get pension?

This project will provide the guidance to the family of the martyr to receive the family pension in the following ways:

  • Help in documentation
  • Guidance to apply for pension
  • In some cases procedure will be done by the executive of the project.

There are some cases where the ex-defense personnel face some difficulties while applying for pension due to their service related issues. Our executive also guides them to the procedure of pension release. We provide guidance through online and can provide onsite guidance also.

Your Trouble is Our Trouble

A soldier becomes martyr for his country and his people. Their pension is the right of their families and it is our duty to make the way easier and hassle free for them to receive the pension.

Still Have Queries?

It's natural to arise several questions in mind! Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for any query. Let us know and we'll provide you every details that you want.

Veer Gaurav is a mission to empower the ex-defense personnel and their family. Read about Veer Gaurav to know more.

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