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Career Guidance

Fade up with Hunting Jobs?

Guide Complete Career Guidance

There are various opportunities in the market to build career. But, one must choose a proper one, so that they can grow accordingly. “Veer Gaurav” provide guidance to the ex-defense personnel and their family members to choose a proper career option for them to grow successfully in future.

Get Job as Per Expertise

“Veer Gaurav” will help you to get job as per your skill. We also provide skill development trainings which help the clients get job easily.

Get Complete Career Counseling

A complete career counselling is provided by us to ex-defense personnel and their family members. In the counselling we guide them to choose a proper career option according to their skill to become successful in life.

Full Support for Getting Job

We provide all kind of supports to our clients to get a job. Such as, we give them training for job, help them in documentation and we have tie-ups with many reputed companies to provide placements etc.

Don't Know What is Your Future?

Try Guidance Provided by “Veer Gaurav”

  • We guide ex-defense personnel if, they want to do any kind of job. We help them to choose a suitable job and job place for them according to their skills.

  • We provide interview skill development to the ex-defense personnel and their family members.

  • We may take a preliminary test to check their skill and if needed we may provide training to them which will help to get a job easily.

  • In future we may be tie-up with some companies to provide placements.

Specially Designed for Ex-Defense Personnel

It becomes more difficult to an ex-defense person to choose a new profession in the middle stage of his life for earning. Project “Veer Gaurav” guides them to choose a right direction to go ahead in life.

Still Have Queries?

It's natural to arise several questions in mind! Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for any query. Let us know and we'll provide you every details that you want.

Veer Gaurav is a mission to empower the ex-defense personnel and their family. Read about Veer Gaurav to know more.

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