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Career Counseling for Veterans and their family members is going on. Join to take advantage.

School/College Admission Guidance

Forget About Worries

Get All Guidance for Admission in Reputed Schools & Colleges

We don’t always get what we want. Sometimes we don’t get admission to our preferred school college or any kind of course even having the required qualifications, due to limited seats.

If employees of defense, ex-defense personnel or their family members want to take admission in any course “Veer Gaurav” will provide them guidance.

Top Rated Schools & Colleges

We have tie-ups with many reputed school and colleges. By doing registration with us, you can get admission easily in those school and colleges.

Support to Get Easy Admission

We provide all kinds of support to our clients to get easy admission in school and colleges. We help them in documentation, searching of suitable schools and colleges etc.

For Veterans & Their Children

We provide admission guides to veterans and their children. They can get easily admission to the schools and colleges which have tie-ups with us.

Is It for You?

Know Who will be benefited?

  • Employee of defense who wants to do on job education or further education with their job.

  • Retired ex-defense personnel who want to continue their education or further education.

  • Children of defense employees and ex-defense personnel.

How will “Veer Gaurav” help them to get admission?

We will have tie-ups with various reputed colleges, schools and institutions, which will help the employees of defense, ex-defensse personnel and their children to get admission easily. With our reference they will get preference.

In this way “Veer Gaurav” will help them to take a step towards their dreams.

Still Have Queries?

It's natural to arise several questions in mind! Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for any query. Let us know and we'll provide you every details that you want.

Veer Gaurav is a mission to empower the ex-defense personnel and their family. Read about Veer Gaurav to know more.

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