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About Veer Gaurav

It's a Holy Mission

About Our Background

  • During their service period Soldiers work very hard to serve the Country and when their Service period is over Pension gets started.
  • However, the amount of the Pension is often not enough to lead a smooth life and some time it become difficult to fulfil their needs.
  • Thus, they try for other source of incomes such as, Govt. jobs or other employment opportunities in the private sector.
  • While there are reservations in Govt. jobs… due to various reasons not all get into Govt. jobs.
  • It is great for those who get into Govt. jobs or jobs that secure adequate salary in the private sector but there isn’t any avenue or opportunities for those who couldn’t get one.


  • Most people who join the ranks of soldiers possess low skills that are not sufficient to get them jobs after retirement.
  • They acquire some soft skills, like discipline or learn how to repair a radio, vehicle or tank or weapons maintenance; but these skills are hardly transferable to civilian life.
  • After retirement, their family burden, financial needs, health factors and new environment doesn’t allow them to start everything from zero.
  • Despite reservations in the Govt. jobs, due to delays and numerous other issues that continue to persist, many ex-Defence personnel opt for jobs as security guards in the private sector; but then the monthly salary is too little & mostly does not include compensation for working ”beyond hours”.
  • There are exceptions and those who have managed to upskill themselves, do manage to get into senior positions in the private sector, in the field of security, operations, logistics management etc.

A New Thought on The Old Issue

Veer Gaurav

A project, specially conceived and designed by Prashanta Patra, an Ex-  Defence personnel himself, for Ex-Defence personnel (Army, Navy,  Military, Police and those completing the service period under the  Agnipath Scheme) and with an aim to provide atmanirbhartha (self-  reliance) insofar as financial security is concerned by empowering &

skilling (wherever required) Ex-Servicemen and in the process enable  them lead a life with atmasanmaan (self-respect).

How it Works ?

  • Veer Gaurav is a specially conceived & designed Project dedicated to Ex-Defence personnel, which will provide a “One Stop Kiosk Service”.
  • Under this Project, each Veer Gaurav will be provided comprehensive Training on:
  • Training on Financial Inclusion, Financial Awareness & Planning
  • Training on a wide spectrum of Banking & Financial Services Products and Services that will be enabled via a robust Mobile App
  • Using the App, Veer Gauravs will have the opportunity to offer Banking & Financial Services to their neighbourhood population and have the potential to earn a sustained monthly income of upto Rs.20,000/- per month to even Rs.30,000/- per month.
  • The App is highly user-friendly, completely safe and can offer a range of Banking & Financial Services in a hassle-free and secure process.
  • The highlight of the App is that the Veer Gaurav can offer these Services to his/her neighbourhood population either from the residence and/or a small store and/or offer along with any other business with minimum infrastructure.
  • Veer Gaurav Project is also available for those who complete their service period under the Agnipath Scheme and thus it can help motivating youngsters to serve the country as well.

Veer Gaurav is a mission to empower the ex-defense personnel and their family. Read about Veer Gaurav to know more.

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